Real wooden shutters should start with a great design and a beautiful piece of wood! At American Shutter Co., we are a group of wood craftsmen and carpenters with years of experience. We have the craftsmanship to create beautiful outdoor shutters that add to your home's curb appeal and value. 

We have an entire shop of the tools we need to create unique wooden shutters in specific sizes and with custom designs.

Nothing wakes up a plain-looking house like exterior wooden shutters! Shutters bring a beautiful color contrast to the face of your home with a pop of color. Shutters are typically in a darker color on a light colored house, so that it draws the eye of the passer-by to look at your home. Wooden Shutters warm up the house and make it more inviting.

If you are ready to order your custom-made shutters to fit your window, call us today! Call (678) 848-7007