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Handmade Wooden Shutters and Farmhouse Doors Installed or Shipped to Your Home!

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

At American Shutter Co, we believe that all great wooded shutters start with a great design, a beautiful piece of wood, and the craftsmanship to create beautiful outdoor shutters and farmhouse doors that add to your home's curb appeal and value.

Who We Are: A group of talented wood craftsmen and carpenters with years of experience working in a wood shop and building with wood. We have an entire shop of the tools we need to create unique wooden shutters in specific sizes and with custom designs.

How we create wooden shutters and doors: We will make your wooden shutters or farmhouse doors in the material you want, and create them with the pattern that you request. We even paint them in the color that you request and can add working hardware.

What makes us different? We are in the wood shop everyday! We build them all by hand, and use professional carpentry tools to build each exterior shutter right here in our shop, built to fit your window or door space.

Each Shutter is Unique to Your Home! We will build your design or pattern to fit your home. If you want something unique for the front of your home or inside for the doors, you can get it made right here! We will paint it the color you want, and even install it for you! (In the metro Atl. area)

Get a quote for handmade shutters! Send us an email with your shutter or door request. TheOffice@AmericanShutterco.com

How to place your order for exterior shutters or doors:

(1) Choose your Window Shutter Style:

Board & Batten, Louvered Shutter, Shaker Style, Raised Panel, or Custom Shutters

​(2) Choose your wood: Cedar, Red Grandis, Poplar, Extira/Composite, and Miratec/Composite wood.​

(3) Choose your size and color. ​

(4) Call to place your order: 678-848-7007

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